Cooperate to innovate.

Bringing together what makes Daimler successful. The Cooperation & Innovation Management division within Research & Development initiates strategic partnerships with external companies in order to bring innovation into our vehicles and ecosystems more quickly and efficiently.

国内偷拍国内精品视频It is important to cooperate early with external drivers of innovation, start-ups, and technology companies, in order to continuously develop Daimler’s technology leadership. It is a win-win-win situation: for Daimler, to keep the role as an innovation forerunner, for our employees, who can focus on their core business activities, and for the cooperation partner, who can promote their innovation together with a radiating brand.

RD/IM creates the necessary structures for getting strategic partnerships up and running and to efficiently further develop them. Therefore, RD/IM collaborates closely with the international digital hubs of Mercedes-Benz.

What we do

We believe in cooperation as the cornerstones of innovation in a continuously transforming environment.

We are continuously seeking new partners with focus on your demands. We keep an eye on the latest technical innovations beyond our ecosystem.

With our proven 4-step process, we develop your new business relationship with external partners. We assist and guide you in all aspects of a cooperation, so you can focus on your core deliverables.


国内偷拍国内精品视频Based on the departments’ needs, we are looking for external companies and innovations in search of the best possible cooperation partner.


Working with the departments, we use various criteria to determine whether a potential partner is the right fit for us. These include their innovative capacity and the degree of technical maturity. Based on this evaluation, we decide together with the relevant departments, if we want to pursue a cooperation.


Time to get serious: at this stage, we negotiate the partnership agreements. And after the event of at shaping a cooperation, it’s time to get down to work.


We support the departments in order to fully realize the potential offered by their cooperations. We also monitor the performance of the partnerships and processes to ensure that new technologies and innovations are ultimately incorporated into the ecosystem of the Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

With our cooperation and innovation management platform CIMme, we offer a tool for transparent data exchange and for support throughout the cooperation process.

Success stories

We need to look for partners that are offering new, customer-oriented solutions with a high degree of maturity.

Entering a destination into a navigation system can be a real bugbear, as there are many places around the world that do not have an address, such as places that are away from built-up areas in parks, in forests, and in the mountains. In addition, addresses can be imprecise or unclear, and street names could be the same in one city. You can, of course, identify any location around the world based on its GPS coordinates – but who can remember those complicated number sequences?

Mercedes-Benz and the London-based start-up what3words have come up with a solution. Any location around the world can be pinpointed to within 3 × 3 meters using just three words. The system, which is optimized for voice input and has integrated error recognition, is currently available in 14 languages. Mercedes-Benz is the first automobile manufacturer to introduce this technology as standard, beginning with the MBUX in the new A-Class and the latest COMAND generation. This is a perfect example of agile cooperation between two innovative partners for the quick integration of a vision into a product that the customer can experience.

Digital Hubs

From Berlin to Beijing: we engage in business around the world in digital hubs – quickly and flexibly.

Transparency and responsibility

We offer the departments a tool that enables transparent and clear management of numerous cooperations.

Director Cooperation and Innovation Management

Wiebke Hoffmann

Senior Manager HERE Cooperation

Ben Boeser

Head of Open Innovation, North America

国内偷拍国内精品视频Michael Panagiotidis

Manager, Digital Partnerships

Eyal Mayer

Head of Innovation, Mercedes-Benz Research and Development Tel Aviv

Jan Trescher

Manager Innovation Management

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